July 2, 2022


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Let’s Get Summer Ready

In early June the world of leaf and blade and flowers explode, and every sunset is different.

Summer season has just begun but the sun is already too harsh on us. It’s already giving us major reasons to take care of our skin and health from the scorching heat. We should take care of ourselves before the heat takes a toll on our skin and gives us reasons to worry. Though we all love to have glowing face and skin but do not get enough time to take care of ourselves. Skincare hacks that come handy and takes less time thus work best for us.

  1. Removing the dirt :

Use a mild face wash to clean your face and remove all the excess oil and dirt. Don’t use a face wash loaded with parabens and sulfates.

Using a mild face wash would cleanse your face without stripping off the excess oils from your skin.



  1. Tone your face :

Toning is a process which we almost skip without knowing its importance. A toner helps to remove any excess dirt in your pores and closes your open pores, almost like sealing the moisture. Skipping it will leave the pores open and can lead to breakouts. Try to use an alcohol-free toner, which contains cooling ingredients like cucumber or mint or rose extracts.


  1. Don’t skip a light moisturizer :

As its summer season, we feel that we can easily avoid our moisturizer as our skin feels oily. But whether its winter or summer, a moisturizer should never be skipped.  Use a light moisturizer and give your skin the hydration it needs. For summers a light oil-free moisturizer best suits our skin needs.


  1. Never ever forget a Sunscreen :

Sunscreens should be a must for all of us in summers, irrespective of the fact whether you are a male or female. A sunscreen is a must to protect your skin from the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun. These rays can burn your skin and make your skin prone to wrinkles and fine lines. Indian summers need a broad spectrum sunscreen of at least Spf 30 – Spf 50. Whether it’s sunny or cloudy a sunscreen is a must. You may use a sunscreen according to your skin type. Always apply sunscreen after applying a moisturizer and never massage it too much on your skin. It performs as a shield and should be just spread out evenly.


  1. Use mists or deodorizer :

Summers can make you feel sticky and sweaty. A mist or deodorizer helps to control body odour and makes you feel fresh at the same time. It calms your senses and soothes your mind.


  1. Drink Infused Water :

Our body loses a lot of water in form of sweat during summer. We should replenish the lost water by drinking an adequate amount of water. Water helps to keep our body fresh and maintains bodily functions. While drinking plain water may seem boring, infused water can be a great and healthy alternative to soft drinks. You can infuse your water with lemon and mint leaves, rosemary twigs or with fruit chunks. It will not only quench your thirst but also keep you fresh and rejuvenated.


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  1. Exfoliate :

Exfoliate your skin and face to remove sun tan as soon you get them. Exfoliating our skin makes it soft, supple and removes the dead cells. Use a mild exfoliant or chemical exfoliants to get rid of the dirt and gunk, and moisturize post that to hydrate the skin.


  1. Soothe with Aloe Vera Gel :

Aloe Vera Gel can be skin’s best friend in summers. It is an exceptional ingredient and has got several benefits. It contains Auxin and Gibberellins which has anti-inflammatory and skin healing properties. It helps to soothe used in raw form or in form of gels available widely in the market.


  1. Wear light coloured clothes :

In summers we should wear light coloured clothes as they absorb less heat. Long sleeved clothes can be worn in the daytime, and you should never go out without your favourite sunglasses and an umbrella.

  1. Keep it light :

In summers we should try to eat food with less oil and spices for the daily basis as it will keep you light and feel better. But that doesn’t mean that we will stop eating out on weekends, that doesn’t count obviously!

These are some of the do’s and don’ts that we should remember in the upcoming summer months. Apart from these, you can always have your favourite ice-cream to keep your mind and heart chilled this summer.


P.S – We will soon be posting some awesome DIY skincare recipes to help your skin sustain the hot summers. Some cooling drink recipes are also coming. Follow us on our website, and send us your valuable suggestions.

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