July 2, 2022


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How to make Vegan Matcha Chia Pudding? (Easy Recipe)

Three layered Matcha Chia Pudding 💜

Often healthy food seems boring and less eye catching compared to the less nutritious high fat content food. But then the desire to taste a dish is largely dependent on the way it is presented. Incorporating right ingredients in balanced proportion can keep the taste and health quotient in check. Making one such dish might seem challenging for beginners, so here’s an easy one for starting it off. Requires no prior cooking experience and can be your first one in the kitchen. Plus, it’s vegan and sugar free too! 😉

Japanese Matcha Green Tea (2tsp), Chia Seeds(5-6 tsp), Almond Milk – 1 cup (can be substituted with regular milk), Honey (2tsp), Mango Purée (1/2 cup), Watermelon Purée (1/4th cup), Ripe Banana( 1 to 2)


  • You need to assemble the recipe in three layers, so be patient. Starting things off, soak chia seeds in almond milk mixed with honey (as per the sweetness you prefer) for good 1 hour. Mix 2 tsp of matcha green tea and keep the mixture in refrigerator and let it chill.
  • For the second layer you need puréed mango and banana. Purée watermelon and banana for the third layer.
  • For arranging the layers, take a glass and pour the chia seeds and matcha mixture. Set the layer for few minutes, till you pour the second one. Arrange all the layers and chill it for an hour or more before serving.
  • For garnishing use chopped mangoes and watermelon.

Enjoy your healthy and tasty three layered chia pudding. Chia seeds and Matcha green tea are rich source of antioxidants. We have a detailed article on chia and other popular seeds, go through for more details. (Link)

Matcha tea is rich in catechins that acts as natural antioxidants. “Matcha has been shown to improve attention, memory, and reaction time. It also contains caffeine and L-theanine, which can improve several aspects of brain function.” 

This recipe has all the ingredients to help you boost your immunity system which is a key criteria in this period. It’s light on your stomach and easily digestible. Provides a clean source of energy! Since all the ingredients are plant based, the recipe provides your body right amount of fibre with essential nutrients and vitamins.

Take a closer look!

This one goes perfectly in sync with summer, and has an amalgamation of beautiful pastel hues (Red, Orange and Green). Enjoy this guily free recipe, and please reach out to us for any queries. Happy weekend.

Matcha Chia Pudding 💜

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