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Deyga Organics Product Review – Handcrafted and Natural | Indian Skincare Brand

Skincare with Deyga Organics

Deyga Organics really lives upto its name as it is a totally handcrafted and natural Indian Brand. With wide range of variety ranging from Skincare to Wellness and catering to every gender and age group, Deyga as a brand is quite impressive.

With their wide range of products, what stands out most is the ingredients. The products have no artificial colour, fragrance and preservative which is why they have a limited shelf life. You get it in it’s truest form to perform best on your skin.
After trying out the skincare range for quite sometime now, I can sum up my thoughts on them. Diving in to the organic world of Deyga, without any delay!

Rose and Mulethi Face Pack (Skin Brightening) Link

  • Ingredients: Native Rose Grains, Mulethi, Oat Meal and Essential Oils
  • Shelf life: 8 months
  • Quantity/Price: 200 gm/490 Rupees

Usage: You can use it by mixing it with few drops of plain water, milk or rose water.It comes in a powder form and after mixing with your preferred liquid you can see the pinkish hue of dried rose powder. The purity can’t be questioned at all. I have used it by mixing it with chilled milk and sometimes with Deyga’s Rose water. It’s quite a multi-purpose product since you can use it as a face mask as well as a scrub after your face has dried up.

Experience: Rightly one of their bestseller as it adds an instant glow to your face and unlike most other masks doesn’t dry up the skin. Best part is the smell, it smells like pure roses and not the artificial ones. While washing it off, you can gently scrub your face with the particles, since it’s not a fine powder and has a texture. Rose and Mulethi (Liquorice) helps to instantly add glow and brightens the skin and Oats help to clear the skin textures and add the hydration. Use this one to make your dull skin glowy in 15 minutes!

Orange and Almond Face Pack (Sun Tan) Link

  • Ingredients: Almond Meal, Sun-dried Orange Pulp and Zest Powder, Turmeric Root and Essential Oils
  • Shelf life: 8 months
  • Quantity/Price: 200 gm/490 Rupees
  • Usage: You can use it by mixing it with few drops of plain water, milk or rose water. It has a got a sunny yellow colour and is not fine powdery but bit textured. I preferred using it with chilled milk or plain water.

Experience: This one is my personal favourite, it smells like Almond and Orange mixed together. Being a person who gets tanned in minutes, this one is a must have for me. This one ticks all the things I expect from a face pack, it makes your skin extra soft, removes tan, makes it all glowy and dewy. Almond powder makes the skin velvet soft and helps to even out the skin, Almond being a rich source of antioxidants helps to add glow. Orange helps to remove tan as it acts an a bleaching agent. Turmeric and it’s benefits for skin to known to all, not only it brightens the skin but also acts as a healing agent. 
Overall I consider this one to be a must have from Deyga!

Coming to their Facial Toners and Mists, the range is quite amazing, from Tea Tree, Rose, Basil to Jasmine and few more.

  • Rose Water Facial Toner: 100 ml/430 Rupees – Link
  • Basil Facial Toner: 100 ml/400 Rupees – Link

The toners are 100% pure steam distilled, and smells refreshing and natural. Rose Water Toner can be used as a toner, face mist or mixed with face pack. Basil Toner is such an overwhelming addition to my list, since it has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties and adds a cooling effect to the skin. Overall both of them perform quite well as can give you a burst of freshness. Being in their purest form they come with a shelf life of 6 months. But you are surely going to finish them way ahead of expiry.

Basil Facial Toner
Rose Facial Toner
  • Key Takeaways
  • Natural and Handcrafted Products.
  • Zero Added Preservative, Fragrance and Colour.
  • Harsh Chemicals and Cruelty Free.
  • Budget Friendly.
  • Easily Available in their website.
  • Very Effective
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • Caters to all age groups.

Check out their website (Link) for ordering these products you can alternatively check out them on Instagram as well.

Thank you all for reading. Hope you enjoyed our review. Do let us know in the comments if you have any queries. Until next time! 😊

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